Zimmer Opus 498

W. Zimmer and Sons, Op. 498 – 1997 – St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

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The Zimmer Organ at St. Mark’s is in a free-standing case, has 31 pipe ranks, 2 manuals and pedal, electric pull-down slider chests. It was built by W. Zimmer & Sons, Inc., Pipe Organ Builders, located near Charlotte, North Carolina. A Peterson electronic 8-level memory, solid-state, stop combination, capture system controls the organ. Prestantbass 16′ and Horizontal Festival Trumpet 8′ pipe work are in the facade.

The low wind pressure, (70 mm), voicing of the Zimmer organ is classic in nature with no particular leaning to style or musical period. The ensemble sound is clean, articulate and robust with a strong emphasis of a singing principle chorus to compel the human ear to song. Over 90% of all periods of organ literature, (pre – J. S. Bach to contemporary), is playable on this instrument with equal facility.

The red oak wood of the organ case and console is finished in a light cherry with pipe shades in a contrasting darker finish. The console manuals have reversed natural keys with wood overlays. Likewise, the draw knobs are dark wood to match the keyboard naturals.

Luc Ponet, (b. Hasselt, Belgium 1959), played a dedicatory recital on September 14, 1997. Mr. Ponet was teaching at the Lemmens Institute, Leuven, Belgium and Titulaire Organist at the Basilica of Tongeren at the time of his recital at Saint Mark’s.