• Spokane Organists Unlimited

    Our chapter is proud of our recording project, Spokane Organists Unlimited, completed in 1995. The recording is available on cassette or CD and features 21 of our members playing 19 organs in the Inland Northwest. All ‘profits’ go toward our Scholarship Fund.

    Anders Forsman Intrada Op 111a Jean Sibelius

    Project Director: Sr. Patricia Proctor, OSCO

    Recording Engineer: Paul Quam

    Producer: James E. Barrett

    Music Consultant: Dr. Janet Satre Ahrend

    • CD = $10.00
    • Cassette = $7.50
    • S & H = $2.00

    To order this recording, contact
    Byrl Cinnamon at (208) 664-5462.

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  • Concert Recordings by Jim Wallrabenstein

    Over 130 recordings available featuring concerts on more than 20 Spokane pipe organs.

    Anyone wishing to obtain a list of recordings can email 
    Jim Wallrabenstein at:

    All CDs are $12.00 each postpaid. ($10.00 each, if picked up locally) Please pay by cash or check.

    A Note Concerning Music Royalty Payments: The Audio Recordable Music CDs that I use are high performance, royalty-paid media designed exclusively for creating music CDs. The Audio Home Recording Act of 1992 mandates a royalty fee be paid at the manufacturer level for consumer digital recording media. Royalties are distributed to record companies, artists, publishers, songwriters and other music copyright holders.

  • “As an avid audiophile for more than forty years, I have always felt that live concert recordings were superior, in most cases, to studio or session recordings that too often lack the sense of spontaneity and excitement of the live concert experience. Whenever permitted, I have made high quality digital recordings of concerts for my personal enjoyment and library of organ recordings. I must emphasize that this is not undertaken as a business enterprise, but rather as an enjoyable hobby shared to promote the organ and organ music! These recordings are not available for commercial sale, but are available for private listening only on a very limited basis. The recordings are nearly all live concert recordings with minimal editing to retain the “live” presence of the concert setting. All CDs come in standard jewel cases with informative inserts and program notes.”

    Jim WallrabensteinSpokane AGO